Beach dining

We're saving the best spot on the beach for you.

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beyond your average picnic

We offer an upgraded experience....

Soak up the on-sand, coastal views, as you make unforgettable memories dining in our Coastal Chic Beach Dining setup.   


Our one-of-a-kind experience promises to seductively soothe your senses the moment you step foot on the sand. We select the best spot possible for you to savor the hypnotic sounds of the waves crashing steps away from your table. Your pallet will reach euphoric levels consuming a decadent meal on our quality-grade dinner plates and sparkly silverware. Sip your choice of beverage in our stemless wine glasses

Never wait for a table, lift a finger or endure a noisy restaurant when you've got us to save you the best spot on the beach for you.

Your most enchanting beach dining experience awaits.



beach dining includes:

  • Set up, Clean Up And Delivery

  • Dining parties are set up on south side of Hermosa Beach Pier

  • Can accommodate parties up to 18 people

  • Brunch (11am), Lunch or Dinner dining times available

  • Comfy Cushioned ground seating 

  • Chic "ground-style" dining tables 

  • Complete Dining Settings: silverware, quality-grade dinner plates, stemless wine glasses, and designer style dinner napkins

  • Lavish Table Runner & Tropical Centerpiece(s) 

  • Beach Umbrella(s)

  • Spacious Wood Side Table (perfect for food displays)

  • Premium Sound Bluetooth Speaker

  • Dining Duration:  2.5 hours of dining

  • Soft & elegant lighting strung across the table

  • Lantern lighting 

  • Chalkboard Sign with custom special occasion message.

Food Recommendations

  • Caterer: Kalei Mahi of Wyld Roots Kitchen

  • Email: -- See Menu Here. 

  • * 48 hour notice required

  • Food Delivery Apps (DoorDash, Postmates, GrubHub, etc) 

  • BYOF: Bring your own food -- from home or your favorite local restaurant. 


Black Friday Sale Starts Now!

Buy Now, Book Later!

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Purchase your party size and book on or after 2/1/2022.

Save up to $450 on this unforgettable beach experience--No Code Needed! 


All Sales are Final.

Groups of 2 people  $199
30% off NOW $139.30

Groups of 4 people  $275
30% off NOW $192.50

Groups of  6 people $420
30% off NOW $294

Groups of 8 people  $560
30% off NOW $392

Groups of 10 people $690
30% off NOW $483

Groups of 12 people $840
30% off NOW $588

Groups of 14 people $980
30% off NOW $686

Groups of 18 people  $1260
30% off NOW $882


Beach add-on's

Full Size Cooler              $22

Ice                                     $15

Game Pack

(Cornhole + Giant Jenga)      $35

Sand Toy Pack               $15

Beach Towel                  $19

Portable Phone Charger $12